Admission Policy

As a public charter school, the Chesapeake Science Point Public Charter School (CSP) accepts applications for 6th through 12th grade students residing anywhere in Anne Arundel County, Maryland. The school does not base admission on race, color, sex, sexual orientation, national origin, religion or disability. CSP is non−sectarian in its programs, curriculum and operations. CSP is a publicly funded school and does not charge tuition. CSP adheres to all state and federal laws.

All applications to attend Chesapeake Science Point must be made online through the Anne Arundel County Public Schools website at Online applications for CSP will begin in on October 1st, 2014 and close on December 17th, 2014.


Enrollment preferences for on-time applications will be processed in the following order:

1. Siblings of current students will be given preference over new applications if space allows. Sibling is defined as ”a biological or legally adopted brother or sister, as well as step-brothers or step-sisters and legal foster children residing full-time in the same household as the student who is already enrolled.”  . Children sharing the same address with the applicant are not considered siblings unless they fall within this definition.  Furthermore, in order for siblings to be considered under the sibling preference policy, the parent or guardian must complete and submit an application for each child they wish to enroll at Chesapeake Science Point.

2. If a family is applying for more than one student, each student's application is considered a "family application". If one student is awarded enrollment through the lottery, all the rest automatically earn the sibling preference at the same lottery position as their sibling.

3. CSP Staff children who are eligible to attend Anne Arundel County Public schools will be given preference over other new applications if space allows.

4. Governing Board Members’ children who are eligible to attend Anne Arundel County Public schools will be given preference over other new applications if space allows.

5. All preferences are based upon space availability and are not guaranteed enrollment.

6. A sibling of a former student who departed from CSP may be granted the sibling preference provided that the sibling preference is applied for and approved by the CSP Governing Board prior to the graduating sibling’s departure from CSP.   This preference is expected to be approved for a limited number of cases, such as graduating high school seniors with young siblings or families leaving CSP for military service.

The 2013 deadline to submit an application is noon, December 20th , 2013. Applications submitted after the deadline will be marked “Late” and will not be included in the lottery.   Late applications will be placed at the end of the waitlist.  CSP will hold an open house for the prospective parents on the first Saturday of December every year.

During the second quarter of the school year, parents of children attending CSP will be requested to sign a letter of intent for re-enrollment of their children for the following year. Enrollment for the following year will then be determined as follows:

• All re-enrolling students will be placed;

• Siblings of re-enrolling students and other students who complete an online enrollment application and fit into an enrollment preference (as described above) will be placed;

• If the number of applicants exceeds available capacity of the school, AACPS will have an independent organization conduct a random lottery of all the on-time applicants to determine the admission order by grade;

• Applicants with lottery positions drawn that exceed available capacity for the grade applied to will be placed on a waitlist for the school.

During the school year, if a parent desires for their child to attend CSP, they will be required to complete and online enrollment application.  If the grade in which the child seeks placement is full, that child will be placed at the end of the waiting list. This list shall include the grade level requested and the date and time that the parent submitted their online application. When a space is available in a grade, the enrollment officer will refer to the waiting list and call the parents of the first child on the list to inquire if that child will attend. If the parent passes on enrollment at that time, the parents of the next child will be called, and so on. In the event that there is a sibling of a child attending CSP on the waiting list, the sibling has first priority, regardless of date and time placed on the waiting list.


Lottery results with lottery tracking number will be posted by AACPS when they are available. Students with lottery positions earning admission at CSP will be contacted via mail, email  and/or phone by CSP with an admission offer.

Offers on or before July 15th:

This admission offer must be accepted within one week of being notified or the offer will be considered declined and CSP will offer admission to the next student on the waiting list.

Offers after July 15th:

This admission offer must be accepted within two business days of being notified or the offer will be considered declined and CSP will offer admission to the next student on the waiting list.

If the admission offer is accepted by the students, registration packets need to be returned to CSP. Each student shall provide the following items to the school during the registration;

• Lottery admission letter

• Student’s original birth certificate

• Student’s immunization record

• Two proofs of Anne Arundel County residence (deed/settlement papers or lease/rental agreement AND a utility bill / bank statement)

• Student’s most recent report card

• A copy of the student’s IEP and/or 504 (if applicable)

After registration is completed, incoming students may be asked to take pre-assessment tests prior to the start of the new school year.  Parents and students may be required to attend orientation meetings and CSP Teachers and Administrators may meet with new CSP families at their homes.

Please note that there is no testing or any other academic eligibility requirements for acceptance to CSP.

Revised: September 15th, 2014

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